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Donation For
My Nation


You donate, We deliver. A simple to use app that use motorcycles to delivery your
donation directly to the charity of your choice, in your city.!!

How Donation App Works

Download and register

Simply login to the app, select your items for donation, select your favourite charity in your location, and received the estimated fare for delivery.

Payment and request

Proceed to easy payment, and request the driver in your area, the driver will collect the donation from your location.

Confirmation and delivery

You will receive a confimration from the driver, the driver will collect from your location and then deliver your donation to your favourite charity.

More information about the App!

Donation for my nation is a globally recognized revolutionary charity App, that connect you the donor directly with the charity of your choice via the app delivery and motorcycle service. With a few simple steps you are able to donate anything your heart desires to the charity of your choice in your city. We ensure to support every type of charity and humanitarian event possible, including natural disaster affected areas.

Awesome Features

Awesome Experience

Simple and easy to use features, allowing you to interact with the charities.

Fast and Simple

Streamline interaction and payment allows you to perform the delivery much faster than ever before.

Clean Code

Is code that has been taken care of, we have taken the time to keep it simple and orderly and have paid appropriate attention to details. To ensure the App always works flawlessly.

Perfect Design

The overlapping of photos, buttons and icons also make it beautiful and comfortable for users. So, it is user-centered, beautiful and easy to use.

Best Industry Leader

Donation for my nation is a global leader in donations from the community to the community with a worldwide audience and support platform.

24/7 Online Support

Our teams are standing by, to support you on any relevant data.









App Screenshots

Become a driver in your location

If you would like to become an affiliated driver, with your bike, car or truck , click on the ‘’Get Started’’ button.